AG & AG Training

A Girl & A Gun Leadership

Rockstar women dedicated to mentoring other women

The A Girl & A Gun Executive Team and Senior Instructor Team boast leading firearms training credentials and hours on the range.

The instructors’ training knowledge spans armed defense to law enforcement training to competition in a number of shooting sports. They also have expertise in range safety and emergency response, communication skills, event management, and working with brand new shooters to expert-level marksmen.

  • Industry Professionals
  • Nationally Recognized Credentials
  • Women Leaders
  • Continuing Education Standards

Raising the Bar for Women's Firearms Training

Expand your knowledge and extend your resume with AG & AG certifications

Lead Instructors

Get to know these incredible women and investigate if they are teaching classes or private lessons in your area!

Julianna Crowder

AG & AG Founder

Robyn Sandoval

AG & AG Executive Director

Tatiana Whitlock

AG & AG Director of Training

Heather Eckert

Owner, e4defense

Tina Martin

Owner, Shieldmaiden Defense

Kelley Moore

Owner, See Your Possibilities
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