Stand Out from the Crowd

Get Recognition for Your Achievement of Nationally Recognized Certificates

AG & AG Certified Trainer validates that you have the technical and training competencies needed to manage and monitor dry-fire and life-fire events. Differentiate yourself as a well-rounded firearms professional with diverse training in superior handgun skills as well as emergency range response, tactical medicine, and interpersonal communications.

Leverage Your Credentials and Community

The AG & AG Certified Trainer designation puts you in an elite group of firearms professionals that are committed to providing the safest, highest quality entry-level instructional experience to women and girls across the USA. This course certifies that you have independently attained not just one, but a compilation of nationally recognized credentials, including:

Become an AG & AG Certified Trainer

Candidates to become AG & AG Certified Trainers must meet the following requirements:
  • You must earn each of the credentials listed above.
  • You must hold an active policy for Instructor Liability Insurance.
  • You must be an AG & AG Facilitator or A-Team Member in good standing.

If you are an AG & AG Facilitator or A-Team member, login to access AG & AG courses.

Upon successful completion of the student course, you will receive:
  • A Certificate recognizing you as an AG & AG Certified Trainer.
  • Eligibility to be an AI or RSO for an AG & AG Certified Instructor at official AG & AG training courses.
  • A digital badge to place on your training website or social media page.
  • Access to the Trainer’s Portal with training courses and coaching materials.
  • Discounts on training materials and AG & AG products.
  • Invitations to exclusive events and programs.
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