Verify Your Skills and Share Your Achievements

Invariably a woman at the range will ask your advice about something, whether it be about self-defense tactics, what type of gun she should choose for competition, or if her husband was right when he told her she should get a revolver. Women will look to you as a source of expert knowledge.

This is why we encourage every Chapter Facilitator and A-Team member to become an AG & AG Certified Trainer. It is important as a leader that your training be ongoing, and that you take your training very seriously. After all, these women are often trusting you with their lives. Having proper training means that you value their trust and can show them that you are a good source of information.

Why Get Certified? Certifications give you the recognition you deserve. With a Certification from A Girl & A Gun, you will have a professional edge by providing nationally recognized industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating your abilities and willingness to uphold high safety standards. And when you’ve been certified, you can share your achievements in a way that’s trusted and verifiable with a digital badge!

AG & AG Certified Instructors are premier educators that are authorized to deliver AG & AG lesson plans and training curriculum. This exclusive group has demonstrated shooting and teaching proficiency in order to offer AG & AG’s lineup of branded training courses.

The AG & AG Certified Trainer certification validates that you are a next-level firearms professional with diverse, verifiable training credentials. This group of trainers has extensive experience and training to be successful at hosting live-fire and dry-fire events.

The AG & AG Chapter Facilitator designation demonstrates your ability to provide AG & AG participants a safe, fun experience at the range. Facilitators introduce the safe and proper use of firearms, and professionally coordinate with range staff.

The AG & AG Certified Range Safety Officer certification affirms that you have the observation skills and communication training necessary to ensure the adherence of firearm safety rules, range safety rules, and AG & AG code of conduct at AG & AG events. 

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