Now You See Me! – Mike Ox (0:51)

What if there was something you could do in the next 5 minutes that would instantly allow you to shoot tighter, quicker groups without changing your gun, gear, or technique? It’s vision training, but not like any vision training you’ve seen before. This is the first and only vision training course to help combat, competition, and self-defense pistol shooters see threats quicker, see their front sight clearer, and see their front sight quickly enough that they can make aimed hits faster than most shooters can point shoot.

Fortunately, vision is a skill…it’s something you can train. And it will make a bigger immediate difference in how you shoot than almost anything else you can do. For shooters who are great already, vision is often the limiting factor and upregulating vision is the fastest way to get quick, explosive jumps in performance. For newer shooters, or shooters who struggle with pistol shooting, visual issues like cross eye dominance, seeing double images, or not being able to find the front sight can be incredibly frustrating. The right vision drills can not only help you shoot quicker, tighter groups, but have a lot more fun in the process.

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